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The Music Stand offers two programs for professional musicians to give them the support they need to reach their full potential.

LifeNotes for Professional Musicians is a series where musicians come together to network and support each other as we discuss music and life. The sessions are led by music industry professionals, counselors, financial advisors, entertainment attorneys, and health experts. FitNotes is a special program of our LifeNotes series to promote whole health and an active lifestyle. Events are hosted throughout the year at Meadows Conference Center in Dallas, Texas and other host locations. Want to bring LifeNotes to your group? Please contact us at or 682-777-4797.

The Musicians Emergency Fund serves as an aid for musicians and their families in times of financial need. If you or a musician you know are in need, please contact us at or 682-777-4797.

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We want to see musicians do well in every area of life. Most often the focus is placed on musical ability and not the person behind the music. History and the media herald the rise and fall of famous musicians — one life after another overcome by circumstances, hurts, and pressures. The lesser known musicians struggle as well, but those stories usually don’t make the news. Sometimes musicians deal with issues in secret and the problems might not be revealed until after a tragedy occurs.

We are here to say you are not alone. We want to stand with you. We want to get to know you. We want to hear your story. Please take a moment to complete our professional musicians survey so we can better serve you.

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