The Music Stand offers engaging and interactive master classes, clinics, workshops, and music film screenings. We feature composers and performers from past to present eras, explore biographical information, and historical facts.

The major areas of emphasis include: Music Appreciation, Song Form, Rhythm, Improvisation, Music History, Concert Etiquette, and Music Business.

Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with performing professionals and have the chance to ask questions and volunteer for session technique demonstrations. Creativity is encouraged through spontaneous music moments.

Our music education programs are open to the community. We have a heart for young people in underserved communities of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and beyond. We partner with youth organizations, schools, and music associations.

Check our calendar for upcoming events and subscribe for updates.

Arlington Jones presenting “I Can Improvise & Groove” at Love Ministries
Arlington & Hope Jones at Visible Music College Dallas